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There are many factors that go into our creations.  We are Soulmates that create each piece together.  We want to create simple timeless designs and as often as we can we use recycled metals with our stones.  Our work brings a story to you.  We are motivated by a common vision to create pieces that are comfortable and enjoyable.   

 What inspires us-




Our work can be a part of anyone's story from First Dates, Weddings, Something Special for a friend or as a Totem for yourself to remind you of who you are and to be your authentic self. 


Idaho Wilderness



We are inspired by the regions we roam in Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and Utah.  We find joy in the diverse landscapes and hold dear the experiences that we have with our family as we are there a part of the untamed areas.  Nature's most beautiful stones live through our pieces and the emotions they evoke. 


Idaho Tube Agate


Stone & Metals

Many of you might not know that we actually do the stone work in the pieces that we create for you.  We start with holding the stone in our hands and then slab, cut and polish it to be ready for the setting.  The love of gemstone is what got this whole adventure started for us and we are so passionate about having this opportunity to create and share.  The Metals are usually recycled and even though that sometimes takes more work to get it ready to create with we feel that it is important to give the recycled metals a new life and purpose.  We both feel it actually adds to the feel of the pieces and they way the metal looks in each creation.