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Looking For A Quality Handmade Belt Buckle? We Have Some Suggestions.

Let's talk about Belt Buckles.  A common item that many people across the globe use on a daily basis.  What do you look for when you want something different?  We all know that it is needed.  That strap that is going around your waist has to have some kind of a closure to hold those pants up!

A Belt Buckle Buying Guide would encourage the reader to consider:

1-Size of Belt

2-Durable Materials

3-Easy to use



6-Gift for someone special even if that someone is you!

Other considerations for buying a belt include. Styles, colors, transition from dress to casual and lastly a conversation piece.  We share some of this with the reader and the above are things that our buyers have talked to us about.  It also helped lead us with what we create for our customers   

There are pre-made belt buckle blanks that lapidary artists can use to make a cabochon to fit inside the setting and those styles of belt buckles come in various styles and metal colors.  The blanks are usually plated either gold or silver in color and although they are nice there was still a need to have more choices in our mind. This style of belt buckle can be a nice choice if you want gemstone and there are some different affordable prices that have nice stones.

Cowboy Picture Jasper Belt Buckle


The above belt buckle is silver tone in color and is a pre-made belt buckle blank that we added a hand polished Owyhee Picture Jasper Stone too.  It is extra large in size and is a very nice option.


The women's heart shaped belt buckle that you see pictured above is one that we did with Lapis Lazuli gemstone.

Besides the premade belt buckle choices that we do we wanted to create more personal type choices and our collectors were asking us to do so as well.  We wanted to create belt buckles that draw you eye,  create conversations and make you as the wearer feel special or even to mark a special occasion.  Now those belt buckles need to be over the top quality and really show how stunning quality stone can be with the gemstone being bigger!  


Our Master Piece Belt Buckles always feature high quality Agate, Jasper or other types of stone.  Terry and I got to thinking that belt buckles were neglected as far as being regarded as a piece of wearable art.  So many of us go to great lengths to express ourselves with other things that we wear and if you did indeed want an outstanding belt buckle the choices are far and few between. So........that lead us to developing our Master Piece Belt Buckle Collection.

The stone drives us with the pieces that we do.  We want to inspire and amaze others with the wonders that come from the earth in the form of rocks.  Yes,  we are used to seeing rings and other pieces of jewelry that makers spend a great deal of time on, but belt buckles are often neglected.  We are never at a loss as to what type of gemstone to use.  The choices are varied and often times we have slabs stacked waiting by our saws that have been chosen to be made into belt buckles in the future.


The types of stone vary.  Agate comes to many peoples minds when they think about gemstone.

Idaho Moss and Tube Agate Belt Buckle handmade by Folks On The Edge


Take a look at this Tube Agate from Central Idaho Master Piece Belt Buckle.  You will often see us using various types of gemstone from Idaho and we do love this material!  Our Master Piece Belt Buckle Collection is our chance to show people the wonders of the stone.  Look at that buckle.  The agate is full of tubes making designs across the surface of the stone.  There is even different hues of greens captured in the agate.

Close up of Idaho Tube and Moss Agate Druzy Pocket on Handmade Belt Buckle by Folks On The Edge


The above close up shows you some of the tubes and how they appear to float in the agate!  Some of the center of the tubes are even different colors than the outside of the tube.  This is all natural!!!  We even left the little druzy "crystal" pocket there to the right edge. That is astounding material and only found in Idaho.  We love to go to this area and experience all the wonder that awaits us each time we go out.  We marvel at the curiosity of the Antelope as they see us and wonder what we are doing on the hill side.  We have developed nerves of steel knowing that black bear and rattle snakes also like to be in the areas we roam in but it is all part of the wildness of the area and the magic that is part of Central Idaho.   

Picture Jasper is also a type of material that you will see us using in our Master Piece Collection. 

Handmade Belt Buckle with Owyhee Picture Jasper from Oregon.  Made by Folks On The Edge

The above Belt Buckle features a type of Picture Jasper from a claim called Cripple Creek Jasper from the Owyhee's in Oregon.  That beauty is 4" across!  Once again think about how this is all natural and the stellar picture or scene that you see opening up to you as if you are standing on a vantage point right there in the area.  Yes........it does look just like that!  We love the Owyhee's and all the splendor that is there for you to experience.  You can see wild horses running across your view and you have to be careful of rattle snakes feeling grouchy about you invading their area.  As if that is not enough, you will see many types of birds of prey while you are out there as well.  You can go out in that area and honestly be the only human being in sight.  

While we do love the Tube Agate from Idaho we also love the Plume Agates as well.  The Graveyard Point area just across the Idaho border has world renowned Plume Agate.

Graveyard Point Plume Agate Master Piece Belt Buckle made by Folks On The Edge

The belt buckle we named "Space Nebula" is from Graveyard Point Oregon and is called Regency Rose Plume Agate.  The Plumes have rich colors and the black metallic marcasite out lining some of the plumes easily made this material a choice for a large belt buckle. 

Handmade Plume Agate Belt Buckle by Folks On The Edge

Check out the close up of the area that is in the stone that looked like a space nebula to our imagination.

The special requests for a one of a kind conversation piece that can be worn as a totem to the wearer as a reminder of their accomplishment warms our hearts.  We are proud to say that our belt buckles have been included in many weddings, anniversaries, rodeos and other special events and we are honored to be part of those times and memories!  You are all helping our dreams come  true to share our work and be a part of something special.

There is always new ones on the bench and the foundry that we work with is providing us with wonderful high quality pieces to put natures amazing stones into. 

In the end,  a belt buckle can stand out and not just be a utility item.  It can be a source of self expression!!!  They are great western accessories for Cowboys or Cowgirls.  If you like the Boho, Modern or Renaissance styles we want to hear from you.  No matter the style or type please feel free to contact us with your wants and wishes!  

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